There's an intriguing duality to Justin Keitt. The twenty-three year old artist is both endearingly humble and refreshingly self-assured. He is openly appreciative of the numerous opportunities that have been afforded to him, while totally aware that he is perfectly capable of seizing them. Both soft-spoken and effortlessly confident, Keitt is poised to captivate listeners worldwide under the artistic moniker of Kanobby.

Kanobby, like so many others, grew up around music. His family were all musically inclined, and time spent across the nation introduced him to different soundscapes and influences. He recalls being six when he realized that he wanted to pursue music relentlessly. Since then he has committed to doing so, incorporating a stint at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts And Sciences. This period saw him draw inspirations from genres as contrasting as gospel and alternative rock. After playing apprentice during this time, he eventually packed his bags and headed for L.A. "It was a straight grind," he recalls of the early time spent adopting to the Californian lifestyle. "I put all my time into work, interning," he explains. Evidently it paid off, rewarding Kanobby with a wealth of skills and a residency at his Los Angeles sanctuary, Purple Reign studio.

Like revered West Coast Hip-Hop icon DJ Quik, Kanobby's musicianship is multi-faceted. He is as comfortable engineering a mammoth recording session as he is delivering his unmistakable croon. He can step off a stage after performing to a rapturous crowd of thousands, only to then seek solace in refining his writing and producing. This diverse ability has made the aforementioned opportunities plentiful. Kanobby played an integral role in Terrace Martin's hypnotizing 808's & Sax Breaks release, as he sheperded this striking jazz reworking of Kanye's similarly-titled release. More recently, Kanobby has provided the euphoric keys for electro-hop sensations Far East Movement during their live performances. After collaborating on the surging single "2Gether," Kanobby joined the groups live band as their Musical Director. He has subsequently appearing with them on such high-profile shows as Lopez Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Conan.

Now Kanobby is ready to introduce the world to more of his output.His production has been championed by the select collaborators who have heard it. Sharing an anecdote involving Terrace Martin, Kanobby chuckles, "Whenever Terrace introduces me he says, 'That's my producer - he produced me!'" Speaking of his motivation to move to Los Angeles after time spent down South and on the East Coast, he cites, "An urge to explore something different." This is reflected in his musical diversity. Currently Kanobby is working heavily with pop songstress Shvona. Their work expertly merges the delicate resonance of R&B with the pulsating rhythms of mainstream dance. He also has other artists "in development," while he works studiously with them to help define their style and range.

There are other talents Kanobby is (currently, at least) reticent to be drawn on. His unique voice is captivating, although he insists that putting it to use is not an immediate priority. Solo recordings might not be impending, however he fervently insists, "they're coming!" In the meantime, the endearing musician will be kept busy with his numerous obligations to Far East, Shvona, and, considering his compulsive work ethic, himself. He admits that his hope is to be heralded as, "The man who can do it all, and do it well." Based off these early indications, he is well on his way.

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