Kendre's career path is one of many qualities that separates him from his teenage peers. Indeed, most teenagers haven't had the good fortune of landing recurring roles in hit television shows. However, it is Kendre's commitment to his dream that has truly propelled him above the average classmate. Intent on conquering the realms of both film and music, the witty nineteen year old has dedicated his time and resources to pursuing his goals.

Intent on excelling as an entertainer, Kendre Berry provided an early but notable showcase of his ability. He eagerly participated in Nickelodeon's "R U All That," a nationwide talent search for the funniest kid in America. He eventually distinctified himself by finishing in the top five of a contest that had received around ten thousand entrants - no mean feat. Displaying a pretty astonishing range, Kendre subsequently went on to star in several episodes of HBO's critically-acclaimed drama, Six Feet Under. With both his dramatic and comedic skills recognized, Kendre scored a major, recurring role in CW's Girlfriends as Jabari. He featured prominently in the show throughout 2006 and 2007, but has since turned his attention to another passion. That passion is making music.

With a keen knowledge of Hip-Hop, the multi-talented performer has quietly been crafting his debut release, writing and producing all of his own material. This material will first be heard when Kendre unveils his new mixtape, the intriguingly titled Who's The Nerd? The music revolves around a smart concept of Kendre's, one where a typical social outcast ultimately manages to overcome the odds and defy expectations. As many would predict, Kendre's music is just another example of his unique charm. His output is funny and original, and his mixtape will precede another themed release, the album, You Look Like A Nerd.

While plenty adolescents his age might be experimenting with alcohol, Kendre has strictly avoided drinking and smoking. He does so to retain focus on what is clearly a budding entertainment career. This will feature a hectic 2011 for the teen, who is set to release the first of the afore-mentioned music releases in the first quarter. If Kendre Berry has his way, 2011 will be remembered as the year the nerds triumphed... and the year a young entertainer rocketed to superstardom.


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