Mark Christopher Donovan was born and consequently named Mark Christopher Donovan. A striking epithet for commerce and literature perhaps, but one could certainly be forgiven for thinking that Mark Christopher Donovan, the musician, would do well to investigate a rock and roll pseudonym.

It's a proven fact that all the good acts have stage names; take a walk through the annals of famed music history and you'll see; from Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Manson, Mick Mars to MC Hammer, the legends have been sporting celebrity appellatives since before Cher

(nee Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere) discovered fishnets. You would think that Mark Christopher Donovan's first port of call would be the rapid invention and deployment of a musical misnomer to aid his career, but the simple fact is that our English Breakfast-toting hero is much more content to put his pen to better purposes; perfecting the art of the pop tune. Turn your ear to our much touted tunesmith and you will soon discover that songs are what he does best. He's been writing songs since Dire Straits did the Walk of Life and Richie Valens said something incomprehensible, but oh so catchy, about the Bamba. Of course, one shouldn't be

surprised at Donovan's penchant for the perfect pop song; he follows in a long line of musical Donovan's, including the sexy bouffant 60's folk idol Donovan, Mr. Frankenreiter and even, to a certain extent, his trans-Tasman cohort Jason Donovan, who is not so much impressive by virtue of his tunes, but deserves a special mention for his flawless crossover from fledgling soap-star to mulleted balladeer. Elton John (Reginald Dwight) once said that the greatest thing about rock 'n roll was that a regular guy could be a star.

The truth of the matter is, and you'll excuse the pun here, is that old Reggie has made a name for himself through great

pop songs. Sure, the ultra-specs, spandex and feathers made for a memorable combo, but it's the infectious catch of hook-laden feasts like Yellow Brick Road and the Crocodile Rock that have really won you over. And there's our segue. For master Donovan, great songs are on the menu and every dish is a winner; Beatles-esque melodies soaked in a braise of Buckley's earnest inflections made by hand and with the assurance of a master songwriter. Try him today folks, you will soon find that certain je ne se qua that has been missing from your soundtrack. Mark Christopher Donovan. I'm sure you'll remember the name.

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